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Torque Wrench

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Collet Key Size:
Now you can torque your collets to the required torques per your tool holder specifications easily! This torque wrench was specially designed for setting your torques easily. All you do is twist the handle to the desired torque and your ready to tighten your collets to the required specifications.
Why do I need this tool?
This tool does save everything from collet, nut and tool holder life because most operator will over torque the nut or under torque the nut. When the nut is under tightened then you have possibility of scrapping a part to cutting thru a vacuum pod because the tool starts to pull out or even the tool flying out of the holder. If the nut is over tightened then you have the possibility of damaging the tool hold, collet and nut because of deformation. One more thing to think about is proper torque you will have better cutting accuracy.
When ordering please specify collet size.

Setting range: (30-150 lbf.ft)(40-200 N.m)
16mm Spigot

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