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NEMI strives to manufacture the most quality, user friendly products for CNC machines. NEMI has been manufacturing digitizers, tool setters, vacuum pods, vacuum cups, vacuum tables, vacuum chucks and software for many years. Our commitment to quality products has helped our users improve efficiency while out-performing their old systems continually. We take pride in the products we make here in Minnesota and will continue to add new products based on our customer needs for increased production. You will find many  products on our web site to fit all needs of any machine. NEMI has many years of experience manufacturing aerospace, wood and plastic parts. We specialize in vacuum workholding products. As you browse thru our website, please call with any questions on any of our products. We're here to make it work!
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Today's Specials

Portable Vacuum Grid Chuck System
Price: From $2,258.00 to $14,910.00
Portable Vacuum Grid Chuck System
The NEMI Vacuum Table is designed to hold parts securely using vacuum. While the vacuum table system doesn’t replace a traditional machinist vise, it provides a platform for unique workholding strategies not possible otherwise.
Slide Lock Systems
Price: From $630.00 to $9,030.00
Slide Lock Systems
Add Pod & Rail capabilities to your flat bed machine!
Square Modular Vacuum Pods
Price: From $237.00 to $930.00
Square Modular Vacuum Pods
The NEMI Square Vacuum Suction Cups and Pods are the ideal OEM replacements for Breton, Park, Intermac, Northwood, Brembana, Bavelloni and most any other machine.

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