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Vacuum Fixture Technology Products

GR Vacuum System
Install a NEMI Vacuum Grid System on your existing or new machine!
Slide Lock w/ Pods
The NEMI Slide Lock System adds Pod & Rail capabilities to your flat table CNC!
Vacuum Pods - Bacci
NEMI now offers replacement vacuum pods for your Bacci machines!
Flat Plate Accessories
Here you find all your vacuum pod and suction cup accessories such as manifolds, fitting, vacuum hose, strap clamps and more.
Grid Table Fixturing
Here you will find the best grid table fixtures made. You will find vacuum grid table, vacuum pods, vacuum locator pins and more.
Vacuum Chucks
NEMI offers a variety of Vacuum Chucks to suit most any need. If you don't see the size you need, call us and we'll make it! (763) 856.2044
Pod & Rail Systems
Vacuum Pod & Rail vacuum pods work with many point to point machining centers and cnc routers.
Flat Table Vacuum Fixturing
Flat table vacuum pods can be used on any table this is flat such as benches, CNC mills, CNC routers and more.
Vacuum Grid Table Machine Bases
NEMI Vacuum Grid Table Machine Bases are best for using with robots or where ever you need a sold machine base.
Vacuum Jaws for 3 Jaw Chuck
The NEMI Vacuum Pod Jaws enable you to even further utilize your 3 jaw chucks!
Vacuum Pods Stone & Glass
NEMI Vacuum Pods and suction cups are the ideal OEM replacements for Breton, Park, Intermac, Northwood, Brembana, Bavelloni and most any other machine.
Vacuum Pumps
NEMI Vacuum pumps are design to be the best for holding your parts secure. We design the system to work with our grid tables, suction cups, vacuum pods and flat table vacuum fixtures.
Vacuum Supply Components
Need to plumb a good vacuum system? Need replacement hose for your stone pods? Let NEMI help. We're constantly doing extensive R & D on various components to assure we offer the finest vacuum products for the best price.
CNC Gasketing
Closed cell Gasketing for vacuum spoil boards and grid gasketing.
Custom Vacuum Fixtures
NEMI designs and builds many custom fixtures. If you are looking for a solution to your workholding please give us a call.

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