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WilCraft Amphibious Vehicle

WilCraft WilCraft Inside the WilcraftInside the WilcraftWhite Wilcraft
Price: From $19,630.00 to $24,190.00

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Water! Ice! Land!

NEMI now offers the Wilcraft amphibious vehicle!

If you're a serious hunter/fisherman, the Wilcraft is for you! The versatility of the Wilcraft is unmatched.
Use as a Jon boat, year round fish house, hunting blind or even a rescue vehicle! 
With it's high flotation tires and 747cc electric start Kohler engine, the Wilcraft can take you just about anywhere you want to go.

  • Never before has a product improved upon so many aspects of ice fishing.
  • Never before has it been this easy to get onto the frozen lake with all your gear.
  • Never before has it been this quick to move to a new location.
  • Never before has a vehicle been able to extend your ice fishing season.
  • Never before has your ice fishing shelter offered multi-sport use.
  • Never before has a machine offered more value for the money


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Made in America!

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