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Toolsetter - HSK50

NEMI Toolsetter
Price: $1,680.00
Item Number: 727-HSK50

The NEMI Tool Setter allows you to measure tools off-line. You can measure tools in seconds and be ready for the next job while the machine is still in production. The NEMI Tool setter eliminates expensive downtime and costly machine damage that can occur while setting tools.
Northern Engineering & Manufacturing, Inc. designs and manufactures tools which simplify CNC operations. Instead of the intensive bending and stretching of the operator, and the starting and stopping of your CNC machine, the operator pre-sets tools at their work bench. The NEMI Tool setter allows you to find the distance from the gage line of the holder to the tip of the cutting tool. This number becomes the tool offset number that gets entered into your CNC machine. To help organize the machining center, the Tool Setter is small in size and uses very little work bench space.

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